Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The tragedy at Virginia Tech

After the tragedy at the Virginia Tech, many spin doctors produced theories of preventive actions that could have prevented the number of deaths. Such spin doctors as we can notice are not just from the field of politics when the time of elections come, there are spin doctors for every field. At our coffee break yesterday, my co-workers and I discussed the issue. Of course we were critical of the university administration and security department for not having taken preventive action to stop the whole tragedy. At the same time we introduce our plan of action about how we have acted when the first killing occurred.

It is probably easy to blame the authorities for not responding adequately. What we or I have done at such a moment? To be frank: I don’t know! Incidents as such have occurred and will perhaps occur in the future—let us hope not. But having experienced enough, there will certainly be attacks of this kind as long as one unsatisfied/sick human being wants to commit such insane but “human” act. I used human act because animals kill only if they are hungry and they target only one prey; there it is human who was insane to take lives of others unnecessarily.

It is easy to claim that this could have done or that might have prevented the carnage. I don’t disagree but not totally agree with such claims. It is very hard to prevent such things because the human mind is capable for any sadistic ideas because the action is not a mechanical action in its nature. The university is big; there might have been many threats. How can you be certain that every threat could be a real one but not a coax? It is hard to determine. This action can be carried out everywhere and not just a campus. There are mechanics of preventing certain areas such as power plants etc. On the other hand, there is almost no way of preventing a human being from executing massacres or killings. If one wants to go after depressed population, then one has to look into every fellow citizen. There is a high number of people are depressed and visit a psychologist. And there are depressed people who do not seek such help at all.

I think our generation or generation after WWII is not used to such tragedies; these tragedies occur in other countries that are far away. Therefore do not have a big impact on people here. It is possible that we have to get used to such tragedies here to and somehow accept the destiny and live with it.

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