Monday, April 2, 2007

What is in this week’s obsession?

I used to listen to Alistair Cook on the BBC World News every week. He would send his reflections on America to BBC listeners. Somehow I had grown addicted to his weekly reports. I still go his site and listen to some of his reports. I am still his aficionado. This in the flow of time will change and I have to find some other obsessions to be busy with.

My obsession is now a burden! We all have our burdens in our lives. The rose always complains about the thorn that makes it appealing to it. Then when we approach the rose, its beauty becomes distasteful in our thoughts. Nonetheless we like it and we would like to posses it until we come near how difficult it is to go near it; smell it and then we give up cursing it. I love it thinking about it. It makes me think about anything I love and later on the novelty wears off. As happened in case of Alistair Cooke. I listened to him, however, now he is forgotten.

Is that all with everything? It is hard to say yes or no. I might say yayin (it is a combination of Ja and Nein in German.).

I believe that is different with a few things that could never change. Some of you might have thought of love as not a changing element. Maybe! I will not dispute it. However, I am of different opinion. The love for or obsession with ideas or concepts the crucial issue. This week and weekend many people celebrated and will celebrate. The Hebrews/Jews will celebrate the path to freedom. This concept has not died and I believe will never die.

Some people will celebrate/commemorate Jesus Christ whose novel ideas are ephemeral. What is the obsession with this man, which is alive all the times? His teaching has inspired the humanity. Nothing has affected our lives positively as much as his teaching has done. How can one not be obsessive with him? He preached freedom and nonviolence thousands of years ago. He had the courage to do it; he had the courage to forgive. This happened in a time when there was no mercy among people. He took the pain to insist on being peaceful. His obsession was with freedom and peace. We just need a little bit of it.

What is my obsession? It is the same as Jesus’—freedom. This weekend I celebrated Kurdish New Year (actually March 21st) in Boston (I will write about it next time.). The burden of freedom had made me to celebrate this annual tradition that inspires the thoughts of freedom. I have been busy with this burden for weeks now.

At times, I think myself about freedom. What is it? How can I describe it so that I will be obsessed with it for ever? I do not know how to answer it satisfactorily. Yet, I think freedom is the beat of never ending drum; freedom is the moment when autumn leaves fall into a creek to join the moisture; and the freedom is Love!

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