Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April is the Bride of the Year

The month of April is a moody one; it has both rainy and shiny days. Some trees have blossomed and some trees are beginning to open their buds. The tree blossoms bring happiness to one’s life. Therefore, one would like to smile and dream of nice and happy occasions and things that have not been real in life. Then there are cloudy and rainy days—albeit good for some reasons—but after a long dreary winter are sometimes unbearable. One’s longing for the blooms, tree leaves and flowers in the garden become intensive; this longing resembles the longing between two lovers for the intense feelings and passion. The rainy and shiny days also resemble two contradictions between two lovers for moments of hate as well.

The month of April is the Bride of the Year, told me my Kurdish friend of Yezidi religious belief. I liked it very much and have not forgotten for more than two decades since my friend had told me. It is impossible to forget something that meaningful and something that fills the mind and makes love the life. Why is April the bride of the year? April behaves like the bride. It is between winter and spring. The snow has not melted yet; the flowers start to come out; and the trees start to bloom while the mountain peaks are covered with snow. There are occasionally also snow blizzards. One would wander whether one is going to see the black soil again. So April is caught between winter and spring and does not know what way to go—stay in winter or head toward spring. What way is the sweetest? Is it not like a bride? Bride is ready to marry and it is so hard to leave her parents’ house because that house give her life and brought her up to marriage age. Then there the groom that wants to take away from her home and bring her into his home where she finds another kind of happiness. The decision is very hard. What shall she do? Shall she stay in her old home or go away to the new home? She cries and doest not want leave her family home. Can she tolerate that her whole life? It is not possible to prolong this old habit. The new force draws her and she becomes a part of her new life or husband. So is the month of April. She finally decides to go with spring and give new life to everything that wants to be alive.


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